My Quarantine TV Show Watchlist


During this quarantine, I have found myself watching more TV shows on Netflix this past month and a half. I wanted to share a few of the shows I have found comfort in watching!

girl meets world

Girl Meets World (TV Series 2014–2017) - IMDb
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I started watching this show after using the first episode as part of a lesson plan for school. When I was younger, I grew up watching Boy Meets World, so I had been meaning to watch Girl Meets World since it came out. This was exactly the show I needed during a stressful time. I loved everything about the characters: their development, support with each other, and personalities. Seriously, I used the first episode to show how secondary characters necessarily support the main character. THAT’S how good they are. I will say the love triangle gets a bit ridiculous towards the end, but the show gets better.

new girl

New Girl (TV Series 2011) - Trailer - YouTube
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If you follow me on Twitter, then you definitely know just how quickly I fell in love with this show. I legitimately watched half a season a day for the past few weeks. I couldn’t get enough of the brilliant way the writers developed the romantic relationships over several seasons. Nick and Jess were my favorite couple, and the show wrecked me when they broke up. But I also cried several times with all the proposals and romantic gestures. Don’t get me wrong: the show is not a rom-com. It’s definitely a comedy-centered show.

this is us

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This Is Us was the first show I caught up on while in quarantine. I was a season and a half behind from the last time I watched it. I started watching the show when it first premiered since I loved the premise and Mandy Moore with Milo Ventimiglia. Catching up wrecked me emotionally since the show makes me cry once an episode. I couldn’t believe just how powerful the latest season was for character development in the show. I definitely recommend this for anyone who is a writer simply due to the grace it approaches the complex plot lines.

normal people

Normal People (TV Series 2020– ) - IMDb
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This show is actually on Hulu, but I definitely recommend if you are looking for a moving and aesthetically-pleasing show. I am a third of the way through the show, and I am in love. The show brilliantly displays the difficulty of relationships and societal pressures. I literally fell in love with Marianne and Connell within two episodes. I may have cried, too.

never have I ever

Never Have I Ever Netflix
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I have only watched the first few episodes of this show, but I absolutely am in love with the characters. The way the show is approaching grief so far is raw. I can’t wait to dive into the show more over the next week.

Which shows have you watched during quarantine? Any shows you recommend rewatching? Let me know in the comments!



Disney Book Tag

Welcome home!

I wanted to celebrate the week of the Disney+ launch with a fun Disney book tag! While I haven’t subscribed to Disney+ (yet), I love all the Disney fun I have been seeing online. Let’s jump right in!

The Little Mermaid

a character who is out of their element

I’m Not Dying with You Tonight by Kimberly Jones

This book follows two high school students from different backgrounds who are forced together by their circumstances after a high school football game goes south. I read this book for the Barnes and Noble YA book club this summer, and I loved how the story brought characters out of their comfort zones and discuss difficult topics in today’s society.

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a character who goes through a major transformation

Enchantee by Gita Trelease

I’m taking this one quite literally, but I absolutely adore this book! I read this book within a day when I was sick, but I would have definitely devoured this book without being sick, too. Camille, the main character, physically changes herself to fit into the world of Versailles, and she quickly falls in love with the idea of transformation.

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Snow White

a book with an eclectic cast of characters

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

I re-read this book in September via audiobook because I felt like it was the perfect time for fall. The cast of characters could not be more unlikely to be together, but somehow they work well. I can’t wait to listen to the rest of the series in the following months.

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Sleeping Beauty

a book that put you to sleep

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

Technically, this was just from my college mid-terms week, but I fell asleep reading “Things Fall Apart” by Chinua Achebe. Anytime I tried reading it before bed, I would legit feel my eyelids drooping. But as soon as I picked it up to read during lunch, I did not want to set it down.

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The Lion King

a character who had something traumatic happen to them in childhood

The Folk of Air trilogy by Holly Black

If you have been a part of the YA book community online, then you have definitely heard of The Cruel Prince and The Wicked King in the past year. After reading only the first chapter of The Cruel Prince, you know just how traumatic Jude Duarte’s childhood was for her with her parents being murdered in front of her and being stolen away to the land of fae. Jude’s childhood sets her up for such an amazing life in fae, though. I can’t wait to dive into Queen of Nothing and see what happens next.

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Beauty and the Beast

a beast of a book that you were intimidated by but found the story to be beautiful

Serpent and Dove by Shelby Mahurin

Y’all, this book stole my heart. I also read this book for Barnes and Noble’s YA book club, but I did not expect to fall in love with the story as quickly and deeply as I did. The magic system in Serpent and Dove is unique to itself with consequences which always adds tension to every scene where magic is involved.

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a character who gets their wish granted, for better or worse

Again, But Better by Christine Riccio

If I could go back and read this book for the first time again, I would fall in love all over again. I read this book quickly for a buddy read with my friend, but I still love how the story brought me back to my childhood pop culture. The premise of this book is a mixture of time travel (the wish) and some magic, too. This combination works perfectly.

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a character who pretends to be someone they are not

Somewhere Only We Know by Maurene Goo

Technically in this book, both characters are pretending to be someone they are not. I have heard this book as a sort of Roman Holiday parody/retelling. The two characters spend their day exploring Hong Kong while simultaneously both using the other to either escape their circumstances or get a story. If you haven’t checked out Maurene Goo’s books yet, I definitely recommend them for a great escapist read.

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Toy Story

a book with characters you wish would come to life

Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks

If Deja and Josiah were real, I would want to be their best friend. This book is such a great graphic novel about friendship, fall, and the feeling of senior year. I loved the graphics that are full of color and action, and the changes in the graphic boxes kept me moving easily through the story.

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Disney Descendants

your favorite villain or morally ambiguous character

Warner from the Shatter Me series

Warner will forever and always be my favorite villain. Well, he will always be in my top favorites at least. I still need to read the second installment of books in this series, but from the first three books, I fell in love with Warner. Books with morally ambiguous characters are my go-to favorites.

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Which Disney movie is your favorite? Which books would you have chosen for this tag? If you do this tag, comment below with a link to your post! I love seeing others’ choices for tags.