may 2020 bullet journal flip-through


I finally got around to creating my May bullet journal after barely using my April spreads. Maybe someday I’ll show the world my April bujo, but for right now I wanted to share spreads I’m super excited for showing!

After two months of quarantine, I decided I needed to mix things up a bit. In April, many of my spreads went unused since they didn’t fit my quarantine lifestyle. I really wanted to embrace the life changes in this month. In order to do this, I adapted a lot of my spreads into my weekly spread. I have been taking things day-by-day and week-by-week instead of an entire month at a time.

Let’s jump right into it:

May 2020 bullet journal cover
artist cred: @sarafaber_

I found this picture on Pinterest, and I cut out the girl for my May cover page. I pinned this picture a while ago to use in my bullet journal, but I just never got around to it. When I was feeling creatively drained at the beginning of this month, I pulled it out to give me a jumpstart. Something about how peaceful she looks really made me want to be her.

artist cred: @sarafaber_

I actually ended up following Sara Faber on Instagram after I discovered who the artist was! I love the style.

artist cred: @sarafaber_
Deuteronomy 30:19 verse page
Deuteronomy 30:19

In April, I started working through Sadie Robertson’s LIVE book, and she used this verse for a reference. I absolutely fell in love with it. I love the idea that I have a choice each day when I wake up. I have it posted above my desk right now. I wanted to remind myself that even in these safer-at-home orders and relentless negative media, I have a choice for my response to my circumstances. (Let me know if you want a full post on these thoughts!)

Monthly calendar may bujo 2020

If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably immediately looked for the ‘y’ stamping effect in May.

I legitimately bought an alphabet stamp set without a ‘y’ and chose the month of MaY to use them. I tried my best to not make it super obvious, but it’s hard. A stamp is a stamp, you know? I still really love how the calendar came out. It was my first time this year making it a two-page horizontal spread. I wasn’t convinced I would have enough room for my ‘Important’ column, but this turned out better than expected!

What I devoured bujo spread
artist cred: @sarafaber_

Here is where I combined a few different spreads, and I used up more of Sara Faber’s drawing. I combined my ‘What I Devoured’ spread with my goals tracker. I felt like I have been watching more shows and movies than reading lately, so I needed a space to plan my TBR and watchlist. April really had me floating in a limbo space. By making an intentional TBR, I hope it helps me become more motivated to read again. On the right, I have what I actually read, watched, and accomplished. I needed to have a space to track what I actually did during the month since I ended April feeling very unaccomplished.

I started my first weekly spread out for next week. I work the rest of this week, so I didn’t feel like I would have enough time to complete a to-do list. I’m excited to start planning out my weekly to-do list, though. I created three boxes under each day to prioritize three things from my weekly list to complete each day. I’m hoping this helps my productivity because I won’t be as overwhelmed by the impending list.

bullet journal weekly spread finance and habit trackers

With the right side, I put a weekly finance tracker instead of having a monthly tracker. My finances are pretty fixed since my work is currently only allowing a certain amount of hours each week. I also haven’t been spending as much due to quarantine. I also added in a weekly habit tracker. I usually fail at using habit trackers, but I thought this would be helpful for me to hit daily goals.

weekly spread trackers

And that’s my bullet journal for May! I hope you enjoyed it. This month is definitely a different look for me, especially with my color scheme. I really wanted to incorporate Sara Faber’s artwork style, and pink naturally came to me. I dialed it down a lot with the neutrals, but I’m feeling it for May. ✌

What has been the biggest change for you in quarantine? Do you like the combined weekly spread look? Let me know in the comments!

As always, you can follow me on Pinterest for more bujo content. You can usually tell when I’m about to start new spreads or what my theme will be from this board.



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Guest Post: Bullet Journal Spreads You Can’t Live Without

Hey everyone!!

I’m super excited to be collabing with Charley on this bullet journal blog post: we’ve wanted to do this for so long and am just now getting around to it (#thankscorona). As the title may suggest, we are both doing each of our bullet journal spreads that we can’t live without. I’ll share mine here on Charley’s blog, and she’ll share hers on mine, so be sure to come check it out here!

I’ve been bullet journaling for four years now, and have used lots of spreads with differing uses and styles. Some I’ve found are more helpful than others, and so today I’m here to share the bullet journal spreads I can’t live without! Grab yourself a whipped coffee, because I’ve been OBSESSED with them recently (and you can see mine featured in all these photos 😂)

Yearly Goals

To start off, we have my yearly goals list. Every year, I set some goals for the upcoming year, and the best way to keep track of them, I’ve found, is to write them in my bullet journal so that I don’t forget! Every month, when I set up my new monthly spreads, I refer back to these spreads to see how I can be making progress towards them that month.

Grid Spacing Chart

I got the idea for this spread from AmandaRachLee, and ever since then, this spread has been a LIFESAVER. Basically, this spread makes it super easy to figure out how many spaces horizontally and vertically you have. If you don’t already have one, I highly recommend putting one in your bullet journal!

Photo a Day Tracker

I started using this tracker last year, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to do it again this year! I try to take a photo every day of the year, and it gives me such a cool look back on what I did every day of the year! This spread doesn’t actually reflect the photos taken, but having this tracker in place makes it that much easier to keep track!

Books to Read

I always have a huge list of books I want to read, and this spread makes it a lot easier to keep track of the books I want to read! It’s super simple but super cute, and it makes my life so much easier!

Monthly Habit Charts

These habit charts are almost like daily routines: I have my morning routine, daily routine, and nightly routine all on this chart. Having everything written out makes it so much simpler for me to keep track, and keeps me from forgetting anything!

Weekly To-Do Lists

And of course, the weekly to-do lists, my second brain, which save my life several times this week! I’ve tried out all sorts of weekly spreads, from super fancy and with a ton of functions, to really simple and literally being just a list of things to do. Here are two of my favorite weekly spreads that I’ve done.

Those are all the spreads that are invaluable to me in my day-to-day life. Thanks Charley for letting me post on your blog! And make sure to come over to my blog to see what Charley’s favorite bullet journal spreads are!

Let’s talk. Which spread from this list is your favorite? What do you use your bullet journal for? Have you tried whipped coffee yet?? Leave a comment and let me know!

Hanne is a college student studying biology during the day, and a lifestyle and book blogger at night. She is passionate about getting the word about people’s books out into the world, as well as making time to do the things that you love. To this end, she also bookstagrams, bullet journals, and drinks too much coffee. You can find her everywhere @HanneasinHannah (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) and her blog at

March 2020 Bullet Journal Flip-Through


I did a quick set-up this month with my bullet journal and really just focused on simplicity. The end of February was hectic for me with college and personal life, so I didn’t have as much time to create spreads.

March calendar and cover page

I wanted to create a calendar spread again since I have been loving the format. In order to have the most space available for my days, I needed to make my calendar horizontal. The next page has a few different aspects for it: important dates, prayer requests, reading list, and goals. I wanted to be able to have some space to grow throughout the month as I add in more goals and books to read.

Life and reading goals spread with prayer requests

I created a version of my “What I Devoured” page from the past two months. With this spread in particular, I knew a scrapbook style would work perfectly to incorporate the background image into my March bujo. My background image came from Connor Franta’s ‘Note to Self’ which I found in a thrift shop. I literally ripped out pictures and cut out phrases from the book because I thrifted it. I added a ton of washi tape from a Park Lane 8 Pack Washi Tape Foliage I recently bought when it was on sale.

ANYWAYS… I added a spread for planning out what to spend my tax returns on in order to be more aware of my spending. I have a mental list for ideas, but I benefit immensely from writing my plans down.

My expense log is virtually the same for March as it has been for January and February. I did end up with more of a border since I found filling the entire page with alternating color lines bugged my eyes out. Since March will be the month I get my tax returns and go out to Minnesota for spring break, I know I will need more pages for the log. I will have to problem-solve once I run out of lines and show you in my April bullet journal flip-through.

I kept my weekly spreads pretty tame compared to February’s spreads. I placed a strip of washi tape on the bottom of each page to give extra decoration. For the days of the weeks, I tried different designs around them. In the first one, I just doodled circles in a darker green and wrote the names on the circles. In the second spread, I doodled leaves in circles around the names.

In the third and fourth spread, I literally just wrote the names with a Crayola supertips marker. I decorated each weekly spread with stickers from various stores and pictures from Connor Franta’s book. Each spread also has a calendar overview for March, a to-do section, and a look ahead space. Having a to-do section for the entire week definitely helps me prioritize my tasks.

I added a few more pages to help me focus through Lent and reflect back on how my social media detox helped my faith and life.

If you want bujo inspiration, you can follow my bullet journal board on Pinterest. Since I am on a social media detox for Lent, I will not be sharing pictures on Instagram of this month. You can definitely follow me, though, to see past and future spreads.

Here’s a quick glance at all the materials I used in these spreads:

What do you have in your bullet journal? Do you enjoy more minimalistic or full spreads? Let me know in the comments!



february 2020 bullet journal flip-through


I set up a brand new bullet journal in January, and my goal was to make it “Instagrammable”. Well, I think I hit that goal.

I absolutely adored all the January bullet journal spreads I created for January. I figured I would try again in February. Since I am a single pringle, I wanted to focus on loving myself this month. But I definitely still used all the pink and red aesthetic with hearts.

February 2020 bullet journal cover page

I saw a few different spreads with triangles in them, so I thought I would try to create a similar aesthetic with pink papers I got from Connor Franta’s “Note To Self” that I found at a thrift shop, Pinterest graphics, and a “For the Love of Paper” magazine. I also used some washi tape to create more of a sharp border on the February cover page.

For my calendar, I wanted to include something with the idea of a love letter since I had a ton of envelopes I bought at a thrift store.

I wrote a quick little reminder on the inside flap of the envelope, but I created a calendar I can pull out and look at while looking at my weekly spreads, too. It has only been a few days, but I love that I don’t have to flip back and forth between the two spreads. Plus, I was able to make the calendar spread bigger than last month’s which allows me to actually write my busier days in when I have them.

what I read and watched february spread and a vision board for february bullet journal

For last month’s “What I Read, Watched, and Listened to” spread, I ended up not using as much space as I gave myself. Plus, I didn’t actually keep track of anything I listened to since I listen to so many different playlists and podcasts. Instead, I added more room for my reading and watching. On the right page, I created a February ‘vision board’ of sorts. Since I start the semester in February, I like to glance at my goals again and create specific school-focused goals. I thought this spread was a nice way to list my goals and inspire motivation.

february bullet journal expense tracker

I really liked my set-up for January’s expense tracker, so I made February’s pretty much similar. I added some stickers and washi tape I got from Emily (@bohobujogirll) to add some extra flair beyond the repetitive pink lines.

I tried out a few different weekly spread styles for January, and I decided I really liked having a general to-do list for the week to file into specific days. This spread has a lot of different pieces, but the images are from Pinterest. I have a collection of the washi tape from a bunch of different brands and stores. The stickers used, though, are from Charlotte’s (@booksandteacupsshop) sticker sheets. I love how cute the different mugs look especially paired with the soft pink pastels.

For the rest of the weekly spreads, I pretty much used similar methods of using Connor Franta’s photos from his book as backdrops for the Pinterest images or my stickers.

college semester schedule and ideal routine spreads

I wanted to add in a spread to help me visualize how a routine would work with my spring semester. The right hand spread is just a quick spread I made to help me keep on a schedule for the mornings. I’m trying to create routines in my life, especially early in the morning. I am hoping the spring semester will be the perfect time to set this in motion.

I have a few different bullet journal IGTV videos coming out this month that I filmed to help you see how I create the spreads, so make sure to follow me on Instagram, too. If you want bujo inspiration, you can follow my bullet journal spread on Pinterest.

Here’s a quick glance at all the materials I used in these spreads:

  • Leuchtturm 1917 dotted journal
  • Papermate Flair pens
  • Crayola Supertips
  • Assorted washi tape
  • Boho Bujo Girl Valentine’s Day sampler pack
  • Books and Teacups Shop sticker sheets
  • Connor Franta’s “Note to Self” book (I cut it up for the pictures and some poems.)
  • Magazine clippings

What do you have to have in your bullet journal spreads? Any goals for February? Let me know in the comments!



January 2020 Bullet Journal Flip-Through


I could not be more excited to show you my 2020 bullet journal. I know I just set up a new bullet journal last June, but I decided I wanted to start fresh with the new year in order to avoid having the awkward timing in the middle of the year when I need to transition everything over to a new journal.

Anyways… one of my goals for 2020 was to have a bullet journal that was not only functional for me, but also ‘Instagrammable’. I wanted to be inspired to show and use my bullet journal by having it look pretty. Let me tell you, I spent much of the week between Christmas and New Year’s scrolling Pinterest, cutting apart magazines, and shopping for stickers and washi tape.

Blank dusty blue bullet journal

I recently was recommended on a previous bullet journal post to check out AmandaRachLee on YouTube, so I watched her 2020 bullet journal set-up video. In the video, she has a 2020 cover page with a ‘Roaring ’20s’ theme, which I love, so I knew I had to reflect that set-up in my own bujo.

Art deco 'roaring 20s' theme for the 2020 cover page in my bullet journal
Inspired by AmandaRachLee

My lines and dots are far from perfect, but I was doing this freehand at a planner party where I forgot my ruler. But I loved the color combo of the gold and black, so I carried that theme over to my 2020 resolutions spread. I have more general resolutions on the left page and broke those goals down into specifics on the right page. I find having the specific goals allows me to more easily attain the general ‘be financially proactive’ resolution for the year.

2020 Resolutions and specific goals.

If you’re interested in seeing my process of choosing my resolutions and creating this spread, check out my first IGTV video. It’s mainly my face (because I just did a quick set-up), but I do show the end results and the markers I used for the process.

Debt payoff spread with student loans

In 2020, I am preparing myself for trying to be proactive in paying off student loans. I created this spread to give myself a visual of the debt rather than be a floating number in my mind. Since I’ve started college, I have definitely become more financially aware, and this spread helps reflect that.

I wanted my monthly overviews to be two-page spreads, so I added in this general page to showcase the start of a new year. I got all the images off of Pinterest and added small strips of washi tape to the corners for extra color and border.

Bullet journal year at a glance spreads

I created a yearly overview since I tend to plan months in advance for specific events or look for school breaks, etc. I originally intended for January to begin at the top of the page, like March, but messed up the dates.

This is where the amazing pictures come into play, which I actually fell in love with being at the top of the page. For the bottom ‘love yourself’ quote, I crumpled up a ripped piece of old paper lunch bag and used a Papermate flair black pen.

My second spread for the yearly overview.

I added some more pictures in the second spread for my yearly overview. The top of the pages felt a little bare, so I just added in two simple reminders as I reach what will be a seriously stressful end of the year. I had to cram in December and November on the right page, but I know those months will mainly just be filled with schoolwork.

Budget and financial bullet journal spreads.

I wanted to look at all my expenses in one place since I am trying to be more financially proactive this year. I added in ways I can lower my budget overall with minimal effort.

I created two graph spreads in order for me to keep track of followers on different social media platforms as well as followers, views, and visitors on the blog. I put one in my last bullet journal, and I loved seeing the growth of it all.

January 2020 cover page and calendar spreads

Since I have all my yearly spreads set up, I started my January spread. I wanted my cover page to be more reflective of the entire month. Plus, I wanted a blue and cozy feeling overall in my January spreads.

January monthly calendar bullet journal spread

I created a calendar spread for me to fill in with work hours and bill due dates. On the left, I put space for important dates, such as birthdays, holidays, and other events. I like the idea, but I may adapt in February to have more space in the boxes.

What I've read, watched, and heard spread for January 2020.

The spacing in this spread definitely needs to be changed for February, but I love what I’ve done with this spread. I gave myself a page to record all the books I’ve read, movies/TV shows I’ve watched, and any specific podcasts or songs I enjoyed listening to in January.

Not going to lie, I’m failing miserably at wanting to write in January. The first week I have had no motivation to really do anything productive. Six days into January, and I have still not written a single word of a story. BUT… I will definitely have a few weekends to be productive and not work. I can’t wait to pump out either a new story or a develop a dusty plot bunny from my drafts. I can’t decide what I want to do right now either way. This spread is to help me track my accomplishments, though.

This may seem overwhelming at first, but let me break it down. The blue and white striped boxes are for me to list the specific places and amounts I spend my money at each day. I like to have the physical expense tracker to resemble my bank’s online system in case I find a discrepancy somewhere. This is also for the entire month, so I gave myself plenty of room for my spending habits.

You can see the breakdown on the left page. On the right page, I gave myself space to show my percentage breakdown of each paycheck since I do a 70-20-10 percent breakdown. I also created a small box for any items that aren’t necessities I may want to spend money on during the month. I have already purchased a few books and succulents, so next is a new tapestry! I’m hoping this helps me limit my unnecessary spending.

I wanted my weekly spreads to all look a little different, so I could find the best layout for the rest of the year then. Each spread has images from Pinterest, washi tape, and probably a magazine clipping or two.

This weekly spread just may be my favorite, but I literally cannot replicate it again unless I find the same magazine that I clipped the images from to create this spread. I definitely showed my fastly-growing love of washi tape on the right page here, too. Layering washi tape is just the look I’m excited to be serving in 2020.

This weekly spread was made at 12:30 am on New Year’s Day when I stayed up late to see how long Netflix would keep Friends on their service. I didn’t make it much longer, but I do love how the simplicity really gives itself to a ‘self-care’ vibe.

Self-care challenge and blogging planning spreads

My two final spreads for January 2020 are a self-care challenge being hosted by @bohobujogirll on Instagram and a blog planning checklist. I recently started following Em on Instagram, and I fell in love with her bujo style. When I saw that she was hosting a self-care challenge for January, I knew I had to join in! Her spread is 1000x cuter, but I still love how mine turned out. I used some stickers from Pipsticks to add a little extra flair.

I have a lot of plans for blog posts this January, but it’s all just a matter of actually writing them. I hope to have a lot more fun with this blog in 2020, but that also means some planning. I may have to add a blog yearly overview spread in order to properly plan out posts. But I will be sharing here if I create those spreads!

Do you have a bullet journal? Which spread was your favorite of mine? Let me know in the comments!



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seven steps to prepare your bullet journal each month


I shared a post about all the places I get inspiration for my bullet journal in my ‘six places to find bullet journal inspiration’, and I thought I could share how I prep my bullet journal each month. To completely set-up each bullet journal month, I would say I spend about four hours total. With this past semester, I set up a pretty simple spread for my weekly overviews, and I got into a routine with using stickers and washi tape to help add a little something extra to each spread instead of drawing all the details.

step one: gather inspiration

As I said in my ‘six places to find bullet journal inspiration’ post, I primarily use Pinterest for inspiration. But in January, I will also be using Pinterest for stock images and quotes to put into my spreads. I want to put more effort into my bullet journal spreads in 2020 to boost my creativity.

I have collected a few images (see below) to put together a sort-of ‘new year’ and winter theme.

step two: decide which spreads to put into the month

Since I’ve had my bullet journal for awhile, I like to look back and see which spreads I actually used each month. I have definitely fallen into the trap on Instagram or Pinterest of ‘Oh wow! That tracker looks so useful! I need that for me!’ only to never use the tracker after the first week (or day) of the month. I definitely recommend looking at prior months to see which spreads were beneficial and which ones took up space in your bullet journal. Bullet journals are customizable for what you need, so you shouldn’t feel stuck with putting a spread in that isn’t beneficial for you.

step three: figure out the spacing

Another trap I have fallen into has been looking at bullet journal spreads online only to realize I have no idea how to translate that to the journal sitting in front of me. I find it most useful to decide if I am making spreads one or two pages, writing what I want on a sticky note, and then repeating for the following spreads. I have switched around where I want my finance tracker pages to be several times throughout the months. The sticky notes make it easier for me to imagine the flow of the month’s planning pages before I actually put pen to paper.

step four: pencil in the spreads

When I started, I always penciled in a draft of the spreads before I went over with my pens and markers. In the past year, I fell into a routine with similar spreads, so I didn’t feel like I needed to use a pencil. Depending on your level of confidence and skill, I would recommend using a pencil for more elaborate spreads or two-page spreads (like calendars).

step five: color it in

Coloring in my spreads always makes me the happiest person in the world. This past summer, I created some of the most colorful spreads to bring me summer joy.

July watermelon weekly bullet journal spread

If you are going with a theme, then I suggest picking out a specific selection of markers to use for all the spreads. If you want to mix things up, though, then feel free to go wild with choosing from your selection of markers. And you don’t need any fancy markers either! I created the spread above with Crayola Supertips from Target. Use anything you have in your home!

step six: add the stickers and photos

I personally like to add my stickers and photos after I put all the color in. You can always put them in beforehand! I always have an idea of the layout before I pencil in my spreads, though, so I have a rough plan of which stickers/photos are going where. In reality, you can do whatever you want to do with your bullet journal! You don’t even need to add in the stickers and photos if you’re going minimalistic. All up to you!

step seven: add in important dates

The entire point of a bullet journal is to keep track of those important dates and your to-do list. I definitely recommend adding in the month’s important dates into your monthly, weekly, and daily spreads. If I don’t add in the dates immediately, I will forget to add in any of my work hours or appointments at all.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my process for preparing to put in bullet journal spreads for each month. Let me know what you do in the comments below! Do you completely wing it, or do you plan like me?



november 2019 bullet journal


The past few months have escaped me with making a bullet journal post. This school year, though, I decided to keep the layout simple. Since I have a different planner for tracking school, I just need to track work and any other plans with friends.

But let’s just jump into this bullet journal:

On the left page, I wanted to start a “Thankful” theme for November since the United States celebrates Thanksgiving. I still need to fill it out, but I am thinking I will get to it closer to November 25.

On the right page, I started a fall theme for the November cover page. I attempted a small leaf pile, and then I doodled some red, brown, and orange leaves on the page with my Crayola supertips.

Each month I like to have space available to track my reading in my bullet journal. I still use my Goodreads account, but I love adding in some quick notes with a rating, title, and author here to refer back to when I actually write the reviews in Goodreads.

This month I added in a monthly budget page. For some reason, I have had an inkling in my mind to focus more on my finances again. Luckily, I have had some things come up to where I needed to fill out this page and take a glance back at in reference.

I have kept this same layout since September, so I just took a picture of this spread. On the left side, I just wrote the days of the week. On the right side, I keep track of my weekly finances by breaking my paychecks down into 80-10-10 (80% spending, 10% donating, 10% saving).

I like to keep my weekly spreads minimalistic during the school year, because I don’t have much to do outside of school besides work and the occasional hangout with a friend. Every so often I will change up the colors, fonts, or how much space I give for each day. At this time during the semester, I know which of my days are the busiest which makes me give more space to those days.

Supplies I used:

  • Crayola Supertips
  • basic black pen
  • Leuchtturm 1917 dotted journal

What does your November bullet journal look like? Have any favorite places for inspiration? Let me know in the comments!



dog-sitting, bullet journaling, and reading // june 2019 goal update

Welcome home!

The final week of June was a whirlwind. I missed posting this past week, but I honestly needed the week to fully relax and get my life back in order.

In June, I watched my coworker’s dogs with my friend, and my coworker ended up having to come home a week early from the trip due to personal reasons. But that meant cleaning the house and getting out in a matter of a day while having a billion other things going on. Let me tell you: everything was done that was needed, but I was tired as all get out. I had work and then VBS (Vacation Bible School) to help out at for the rest of the week. Tuesday was my first real day off with nothing to do, which simply meant finishing my bullet journal for July and writing this post!

Now that you simply know much more about my last week than you probably wanted to know, let’s jump in to my 2019 goals:

workout twice a week

Yeah, this goal definitely did not happen in June. While I did yoga probably once a week, I let myself slack off with exercising for June. While dog-sitting, I took the dogs for at least two to three walks a day, so I did get some movement throughout my day. Otherwise, I did nothing high-intensity where I felt accomplished.

In July, though, I am hoping to get back into working out regularly. I joined the Chasing Freedom Fighters community run by Tanner Hobbs which looks at wellness through a faith lens, which I have been loving! If you aren’t familiar with Tanner, make sure to check out her Instagram.

read the Bible

I actually did really well with reading the Bible every day (also one of my summer goals) while following the Little Bible Plan. Reading through the books of Galatians, Ephesians, and Philippians opened my eyes to such powerful verses in the Bible. I am hoping to put together a post about some of my takeaways from Galatians for later this month.

Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

In July, I will be following the Little Bible Plan as well as the Chasing Freedom Fighters devotional. At some point this year, I will dive into a Lysa Terkeurst book, too.

read 40 50 books

After my spring semester, I decided to change my reading challenge goal for this year to be 50 books instead of just 40. I figured this way I would be able to have more books reflected in the challenge that I actually wanted to read instead of just books for school. I just passed reading 30 books this year, so I don’t think I will struggle to fit in 50 books by the end of the year. As long as I don’t go into a major reading slump, all will be good!

write a 35k word story

I may not have this story in any part ready or written, but I did start writing short snippets in my June bullet journal spreads from writing prompts! I also created a playlist for a “soft story”, whatever that means. At least I’m thinking about writing? Does that get me anywhere for a word count?


As I have been doing for the past seven months, I am still following the 50/20/30 plan. If I have time in July, though, I am thinking of figuring out a fixed budget for the rest of the year based on last semester’s numbers. I also may have went a bit crazy with spending money this past week online. Mainly, I bought shoes I desperately needed for work, an outfit, and movie tickets for my friend’s birthday. But that coffee shop addiction is still going strong…

buy less starbucks

Technically, I am buying less Starbucks. But I have been buying from local coffee shops and work more. I think I’m going to change this goal to simply buying less from coffee shops and/or less coffee. I have made it a goal of mine to transition from coffee to tea if I need caffeine, but iced coffee has been my crutch this past week in the humidity. Something about iced tea just isn’t the same as hot tea.

complain less/gratitude journal

I officially started a gratitude journal in June! Well, technically, I just created a space for it in my bullet journal spreads for June, but I did it! And I added space for a gratitude list in my July bullet journal. How’s that for progress? It truly is never too late to start on your New Year’s resolutions. Here I am at the end of June/beginning of July starting on mine! Okay, I just had a lot of exclamation marks, but I have loved spending the few moments every day reflecting on what I have to be grateful for.

Besides my yearly goals, I have my summer goals which you all totally remembered, right? Anyways… I have been reading the Bible every day, and I took the jump with the Chasing Freedom Fighters to fall in love with my body and life again. The CFF community is also my step toward exercising to be healthy and challenge myself– not losing weight– and hopefully expanding some recipes I have in my back pocket.

Phew, but what have I not started on? Any of my reading goals, naturally. I have decided for my classic book for the summer to read a Jane Austen book, but I’m not sure which one. And I am also hoping to start on Maggie Stiefvater’s books at some point this year, too. Maybe that will be something I try during the school year?

As of right now, I am hoping to return to doing what I love for July instead of feeling the pressure of being in so many book clubs and planning days to hang out with friends. I truly need to just read, write, and listen to the same songs on repeat.

Have you kept track of any of your New Year’s resolutions through June? What are you most excited for in July? Let me know in the comments!



a year of determination // my 2019 goals

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! *insert the obligatory ‘I can’t believe it’s already 2019!*

I absolutely love new beginnings and change. I didn’t always, but throughout the years I learned that being able to adapt and accept changes, good or bad, is necessary in life. Otherwise I would mope around complaining all the time about how terrible life is and never see the good around me in my every day.

2018 taught me how to make some hard decisions, but in 2019 I’m hoping to build off of those changes to catapult myself into a healthier spirit, mind, body, and bank account. I have quite the list of goals for my 2019, and I decided to share them here with you to try and keep some sort of accountability for me. Each month (hopefully) I will be updating on my goals with how well I did.

I will be keeping track of all my goals in my bullet journal, which has not been used in months. I didn’t have as much time this past semester as I did last semester to make new spreads and plan out the months. In 2019, though, I am planning to use my bullet journal for more general tracking spreads instead of day-to-day planning! I will be updating on how this goes as well.

Anyways… on to the whole point of the post: sharing my goals for 2019!

workout twice a week

At the end of last semester, my friend and I finally started utilizing the free group exercises on our college campus and went to yoga on Sunday nights. We will be doing the class again once the semester begins, but until then we are hosting our own little yoga parties on Sunday afternoons at her house to keep us on track.

With my next semester schedule, I am on campus all day Mondays and Wednesdays with a 3-hour gap after my day classes and night classes each day. During this gap, I am going to take even more advantage of the student recreation center and spend an hour working out, whether walking on a treadmill or lifting weights (scary!).

During break, I am going to try and get to a few group classes held during the week on campus. Otherwise, Pinterest has been my friend in the past with a few quick core workouts that I can do within 15 minutes after I wake up and feel by the night. 

read the Bible

I am terrible at consistently reading the Bible, especially once the school year hits. This year, though, I am hoping to try and look for weekly devotions instead of month-long devotions which can seem daunting. Even intentionally setting my alarms for 20 minutes earlier can help, so I can have my 15 minutes of chair time.

This year I also want to read more Christian non-fiction books, like Lysa Terkeurst. Most of the Bible studies I know of on campus or with my church don’t coincide well with my ever-changing work schedule, so I was thinking of trying to start an online study with a few of my friends. If you’re interested, let me know!

read 40 books

Last year I read 51 books. This year, though, I am trying to be more diverse in how I spend my time. I lowered my reading goal to 40 in order to focus more on writing and working out, all as a part of reaching my new goals. If I read more than 40 books this year, great! If I only read 40 books this year and accomplish so much more on my list, fantastic!

I want to read more consistently throughout the year, as well, so I am making it a goal to set down my phone before bed and pick up a book as well. Often I find myself mindlessly scrolling through Twitter or Instagram or watching YouTube videos instead of picking up a book and winding down by reading a chapter or ten pages.

write a 35k word story

If you didn’t know, I like to write stories. I share most of my writings over on Wattpad, but the biggest story I have written was only about 15k words. This year I want to jump back into writing and develop a story that is longer. I don’t think I can just go and write an entire book (usually about 50,000 words), but I can write a novella/long short story. I have a lot of story ideas stored up in my mind (and on my Pinterest boards), so one of these will turn out to hit my goal.

I’m hoping to hit this goal by writing an hour a week, which I will definitely have to schedule in on my Tuesdays and Thursdays off. Or maybe even Friday mornings at a cute coffee shop.

establish an emergency fund

My finances are a big focus for me this year because I spent a lot of money this year with renovating my room at home, buying a new bed, and traveling to see my sister for spring break. I want to save up a few hundred for an emergency fund in case I need to have a down payment for something or my car breaks down (like when I needed to replace the brake lines this past summer). Having a sense of security during an emergency is important as I am going to be spending much of my year paying down my private loan from last year’s tuition.

follow a financial plan

Like I said above, finances are important for me to get a handle on this year. I feel like I am at a place where I can focus on saving for my future and getting rid of my debt. Ultimately, my credit will get boosted which will help for when I move out of my parent’s home (hopefully a next year goal?).

I have been struggling creating a financial plan for this year though since my income changes from week to week depending on the amount of hours I work. I don’t have a lot of bills to pay, but I’m trying to figure out what will work the best for me. The plan is currently in a trial-and-error state. By April or May I am hoping to have figured out a steady plan to follow for saving and spending.

gratitude journal

I want to start a gratitude journal in 2019, since I found myself complaining a lot during the last semester about being tired or little things that didn’t add up to much. By starting a gratitude journal, I want to remind myself of what really matters and that I have something to be grateful for every day, no matter what happens.

I also wanted to encourage myself to journal on a more weekly or daily basis instead of after I let everything build up and end up with a six age journal entry. My initial goal for the gratitude journal, though, is for it to be a weekly occurrence until I get more used to journaling.

buy less starbucks

I became way too well-known in my 8 am class last semester and church for getting Starbucks. Ultimately, I want to be less dependent on caffeine, which involves Starbucks. Since I started working in the cafe portion of the bookstore I work at, I have been getting more into buying drinks. I also have a Starbucks right down the road from me. My goal is to limit myself to spending a certain amount each week and not buy any more than that amount. The days of buying Starbucks will still probably be for my 8 am classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.

complain less

Like I mentioned with the gratitude journal, I want to complain less. I need to wake up with a positive thought and positive mind in order to set the day right. I made this goal with one of my friends from college since we both found ourselves repeating the same complaints to each other daily in our classes.

This is such a long post, but I am excited to see what 2019 brings! If you’re still reading, tell me what your goals for 2019 are! And make sure to come back to see which reading challenges I’m doing as well as my most-anticipated reads!