may 2020 bullet journal flip-through


I finally got around to creating my May bullet journal after barely using my April spreads. Maybe someday I’ll show the world my April bujo, but for right now I wanted to share spreads I’m super excited for showing!

After two months of quarantine, I decided I needed to mix things up a bit. In April, many of my spreads went unused since they didn’t fit my quarantine lifestyle. I really wanted to embrace the life changes in this month. In order to do this, I adapted a lot of my spreads into my weekly spread. I have been taking things day-by-day and week-by-week instead of an entire month at a time.

Let’s jump right into it:

May 2020 bullet journal cover
artist cred: @sarafaber_

I found this picture on Pinterest, and I cut out the girl for my May cover page. I pinned this picture a while ago to use in my bullet journal, but I just never got around to it. When I was feeling creatively drained at the beginning of this month, I pulled it out to give me a jumpstart. Something about how peaceful she looks really made me want to be her.

artist cred: @sarafaber_

I actually ended up following Sara Faber on Instagram after I discovered who the artist was! I love the style.

artist cred: @sarafaber_
Deuteronomy 30:19 verse page
Deuteronomy 30:19

In April, I started working through Sadie Robertson’s LIVE book, and she used this verse for a reference. I absolutely fell in love with it. I love the idea that I have a choice each day when I wake up. I have it posted above my desk right now. I wanted to remind myself that even in these safer-at-home orders and relentless negative media, I have a choice for my response to my circumstances. (Let me know if you want a full post on these thoughts!)

Monthly calendar may bujo 2020

If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably immediately looked for the ‘y’ stamping effect in May.

I legitimately bought an alphabet stamp set without a ‘y’ and chose the month of MaY to use them. I tried my best to not make it super obvious, but it’s hard. A stamp is a stamp, you know? I still really love how the calendar came out. It was my first time this year making it a two-page horizontal spread. I wasn’t convinced I would have enough room for my ‘Important’ column, but this turned out better than expected!

What I devoured bujo spread
artist cred: @sarafaber_

Here is where I combined a few different spreads, and I used up more of Sara Faber’s drawing. I combined my ‘What I Devoured’ spread with my goals tracker. I felt like I have been watching more shows and movies than reading lately, so I needed a space to plan my TBR and watchlist. April really had me floating in a limbo space. By making an intentional TBR, I hope it helps me become more motivated to read again. On the right, I have what I actually read, watched, and accomplished. I needed to have a space to track what I actually did during the month since I ended April feeling very unaccomplished.

I started my first weekly spread out for next week. I work the rest of this week, so I didn’t feel like I would have enough time to complete a to-do list. I’m excited to start planning out my weekly to-do list, though. I created three boxes under each day to prioritize three things from my weekly list to complete each day. I’m hoping this helps my productivity because I won’t be as overwhelmed by the impending list.

bullet journal weekly spread finance and habit trackers

With the right side, I put a weekly finance tracker instead of having a monthly tracker. My finances are pretty fixed since my work is currently only allowing a certain amount of hours each week. I also haven’t been spending as much due to quarantine. I also added in a weekly habit tracker. I usually fail at using habit trackers, but I thought this would be helpful for me to hit daily goals.

weekly spread trackers

And that’s my bullet journal for May! I hope you enjoyed it. This month is definitely a different look for me, especially with my color scheme. I really wanted to incorporate Sara Faber’s artwork style, and pink naturally came to me. I dialed it down a lot with the neutrals, but I’m feeling it for May. ✌

What has been the biggest change for you in quarantine? Do you like the combined weekly spread look? Let me know in the comments!

As always, you can follow me on Pinterest for more bujo content. You can usually tell when I’m about to start new spreads or what my theme will be from this board.



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top six places to find bullet journal inspiration


I decided we’re too far into December for me to actually share my December layout, but I did want to share where I get my inspiration each month for my bujo.


First and foremost, I get the majority of my bujo inspiration from Pinterest. I am constantly adding to this board whenever I have spare time or at the end of each month to prep for the next month of spreads. One of my goals in 2020 is to have a Pinterest-worthy bujo for at least one month.

Sumedha (@thewordyhabitat)

I’m pretty sure this blog has become a Sumedha fan page this blogmas, but I am not ashamed to shout from the rooftops how amazing Sumedha is. Not only does she share about her own bullet journal on her blog (The Wordy Habitat) and Instagram (@thewordyhabitat), BUT she also co-runs a bullet journal Instagram account called @bujobeauties. I always run to this account for inspiration, and I follow their hashtag to have inspiration throughout my feed.

haley (@haleys_journal)

I repeatedly find myself drawn to Haley’s Instagram account. Her designs are simple but full of so much love! I love every theme she chooses for the months, and I hope to one day have a theme for one of my months.


I found @bulletwithe on Instagram during the summer and modeled my weekly spreads after theirs in my current bullet journal. The designs are full of details and always changing which I enjoy! Plus, they often show how to create certain doodles!

Jill (@booknerd_reads)

Jill is truly the person who inspired me to start a bullet journal. I had seen her journal in her posts, and I saw all that it could do. Jill fills her account with pictures of her spreads and which markers she uses to decorate the pages. She is full of fresh pages and the occasional stationery giveaway!

Charlotte (@booksandteacups)

Charlotte is the ultimate gold-mine for everything you could possibly need for bullet journal inspiration. She has not only an Instagram account where she shares her bullet journal spreads AND a YouTube channel BUT ALSO a sticker shop to buy stickers to put in your bullet journal (and anywhere else)!!! She is definitely deserving of those triple exclamation marks. She just started sharing on her YouTube channel again, but just look at this January cover page tutorial:

Her bullet journal posts just bring so much light into my life:

And make sure to check out her shop over on Etsy:

You can also check out any of my bullet journal posts here on the blog under ‘Planning‘. I try to share as often as I can, but I also share on my Instagram.

What are your favorite places to find bujo inspiration? Let me know in the comments!