may 2020 bullet journal flip-through


I finally got around to creating my May bullet journal after barely using my April spreads. Maybe someday I’ll show the world my April bujo, but for right now I wanted to share spreads I’m super excited for showing!

After two months of quarantine, I decided I needed to mix things up a bit. In April, many of my spreads went unused since they didn’t fit my quarantine lifestyle. I really wanted to embrace the life changes in this month. In order to do this, I adapted a lot of my spreads into my weekly spread. I have been taking things day-by-day and week-by-week instead of an entire month at a time.

Let’s jump right into it:

May 2020 bullet journal cover
artist cred: @sarafaber_

I found this picture on Pinterest, and I cut out the girl for my May cover page. I pinned this picture a while ago to use in my bullet journal, but I just never got around to it. When I was feeling creatively drained at the beginning of this month, I pulled it out to give me a jumpstart. Something about how peaceful she looks really made me want to be her.

artist cred: @sarafaber_

I actually ended up following Sara Faber on Instagram after I discovered who the artist was! I love the style.

artist cred: @sarafaber_
Deuteronomy 30:19 verse page
Deuteronomy 30:19

In April, I started working through Sadie Robertson’s LIVE book, and she used this verse for a reference. I absolutely fell in love with it. I love the idea that I have a choice each day when I wake up. I have it posted above my desk right now. I wanted to remind myself that even in these safer-at-home orders and relentless negative media, I have a choice for my response to my circumstances. (Let me know if you want a full post on these thoughts!)

Monthly calendar may bujo 2020

If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably immediately looked for the ‘y’ stamping effect in May.

I legitimately bought an alphabet stamp set without a ‘y’ and chose the month of MaY to use them. I tried my best to not make it super obvious, but it’s hard. A stamp is a stamp, you know? I still really love how the calendar came out. It was my first time this year making it a two-page horizontal spread. I wasn’t convinced I would have enough room for my ‘Important’ column, but this turned out better than expected!

What I devoured bujo spread
artist cred: @sarafaber_

Here is where I combined a few different spreads, and I used up more of Sara Faber’s drawing. I combined my ‘What I Devoured’ spread with my goals tracker. I felt like I have been watching more shows and movies than reading lately, so I needed a space to plan my TBR and watchlist. April really had me floating in a limbo space. By making an intentional TBR, I hope it helps me become more motivated to read again. On the right, I have what I actually read, watched, and accomplished. I needed to have a space to track what I actually did during the month since I ended April feeling very unaccomplished.

I started my first weekly spread out for next week. I work the rest of this week, so I didn’t feel like I would have enough time to complete a to-do list. I’m excited to start planning out my weekly to-do list, though. I created three boxes under each day to prioritize three things from my weekly list to complete each day. I’m hoping this helps my productivity because I won’t be as overwhelmed by the impending list.

bullet journal weekly spread finance and habit trackers

With the right side, I put a weekly finance tracker instead of having a monthly tracker. My finances are pretty fixed since my work is currently only allowing a certain amount of hours each week. I also haven’t been spending as much due to quarantine. I also added in a weekly habit tracker. I usually fail at using habit trackers, but I thought this would be helpful for me to hit daily goals.

weekly spread trackers

And that’s my bullet journal for May! I hope you enjoyed it. This month is definitely a different look for me, especially with my color scheme. I really wanted to incorporate Sara Faber’s artwork style, and pink naturally came to me. I dialed it down a lot with the neutrals, but I’m feeling it for May. ✌

What has been the biggest change for you in quarantine? Do you like the combined weekly spread look? Let me know in the comments!

As always, you can follow me on Pinterest for more bujo content. You can usually tell when I’m about to start new spreads or what my theme will be from this board.



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february 2020 bullet journal flip-through


I set up a brand new bullet journal in January, and my goal was to make it “Instagrammable”. Well, I think I hit that goal.

I absolutely adored all the January bullet journal spreads I created for January. I figured I would try again in February. Since I am a single pringle, I wanted to focus on loving myself this month. But I definitely still used all the pink and red aesthetic with hearts.

February 2020 bullet journal cover page

I saw a few different spreads with triangles in them, so I thought I would try to create a similar aesthetic with pink papers I got from Connor Franta’s “Note To Self” that I found at a thrift shop, Pinterest graphics, and a “For the Love of Paper” magazine. I also used some washi tape to create more of a sharp border on the February cover page.

For my calendar, I wanted to include something with the idea of a love letter since I had a ton of envelopes I bought at a thrift store.

I wrote a quick little reminder on the inside flap of the envelope, but I created a calendar I can pull out and look at while looking at my weekly spreads, too. It has only been a few days, but I love that I don’t have to flip back and forth between the two spreads. Plus, I was able to make the calendar spread bigger than last month’s which allows me to actually write my busier days in when I have them.

what I read and watched february spread and a vision board for february bullet journal

For last month’s “What I Read, Watched, and Listened to” spread, I ended up not using as much space as I gave myself. Plus, I didn’t actually keep track of anything I listened to since I listen to so many different playlists and podcasts. Instead, I added more room for my reading and watching. On the right page, I created a February ‘vision board’ of sorts. Since I start the semester in February, I like to glance at my goals again and create specific school-focused goals. I thought this spread was a nice way to list my goals and inspire motivation.

february bullet journal expense tracker

I really liked my set-up for January’s expense tracker, so I made February’s pretty much similar. I added some stickers and washi tape I got from Emily (@bohobujogirll) to add some extra flair beyond the repetitive pink lines.

I tried out a few different weekly spread styles for January, and I decided I really liked having a general to-do list for the week to file into specific days. This spread has a lot of different pieces, but the images are from Pinterest. I have a collection of the washi tape from a bunch of different brands and stores. The stickers used, though, are from Charlotte’s (@booksandteacupsshop) sticker sheets. I love how cute the different mugs look especially paired with the soft pink pastels.

For the rest of the weekly spreads, I pretty much used similar methods of using Connor Franta’s photos from his book as backdrops for the Pinterest images or my stickers.

college semester schedule and ideal routine spreads

I wanted to add in a spread to help me visualize how a routine would work with my spring semester. The right hand spread is just a quick spread I made to help me keep on a schedule for the mornings. I’m trying to create routines in my life, especially early in the morning. I am hoping the spring semester will be the perfect time to set this in motion.

I have a few different bullet journal IGTV videos coming out this month that I filmed to help you see how I create the spreads, so make sure to follow me on Instagram, too. If you want bujo inspiration, you can follow my bullet journal spread on Pinterest.

Here’s a quick glance at all the materials I used in these spreads:

  • Leuchtturm 1917 dotted journal
  • Papermate Flair pens
  • Crayola Supertips
  • Assorted washi tape
  • Boho Bujo Girl Valentine’s Day sampler pack
  • Books and Teacups Shop sticker sheets
  • Connor Franta’s “Note to Self” book (I cut it up for the pictures and some poems.)
  • Magazine clippings

What do you have to have in your bullet journal spreads? Any goals for February? Let me know in the comments!



seven steps to prepare your bullet journal each month


I shared a post about all the places I get inspiration for my bullet journal in my ‘six places to find bullet journal inspiration’, and I thought I could share how I prep my bullet journal each month. To completely set-up each bullet journal month, I would say I spend about four hours total. With this past semester, I set up a pretty simple spread for my weekly overviews, and I got into a routine with using stickers and washi tape to help add a little something extra to each spread instead of drawing all the details.

step one: gather inspiration

As I said in my ‘six places to find bullet journal inspiration’ post, I primarily use Pinterest for inspiration. But in January, I will also be using Pinterest for stock images and quotes to put into my spreads. I want to put more effort into my bullet journal spreads in 2020 to boost my creativity.

I have collected a few images (see below) to put together a sort-of ‘new year’ and winter theme.

step two: decide which spreads to put into the month

Since I’ve had my bullet journal for awhile, I like to look back and see which spreads I actually used each month. I have definitely fallen into the trap on Instagram or Pinterest of ‘Oh wow! That tracker looks so useful! I need that for me!’ only to never use the tracker after the first week (or day) of the month. I definitely recommend looking at prior months to see which spreads were beneficial and which ones took up space in your bullet journal. Bullet journals are customizable for what you need, so you shouldn’t feel stuck with putting a spread in that isn’t beneficial for you.

step three: figure out the spacing

Another trap I have fallen into has been looking at bullet journal spreads online only to realize I have no idea how to translate that to the journal sitting in front of me. I find it most useful to decide if I am making spreads one or two pages, writing what I want on a sticky note, and then repeating for the following spreads. I have switched around where I want my finance tracker pages to be several times throughout the months. The sticky notes make it easier for me to imagine the flow of the month’s planning pages before I actually put pen to paper.

step four: pencil in the spreads

When I started, I always penciled in a draft of the spreads before I went over with my pens and markers. In the past year, I fell into a routine with similar spreads, so I didn’t feel like I needed to use a pencil. Depending on your level of confidence and skill, I would recommend using a pencil for more elaborate spreads or two-page spreads (like calendars).

step five: color it in

Coloring in my spreads always makes me the happiest person in the world. This past summer, I created some of the most colorful spreads to bring me summer joy.

July watermelon weekly bullet journal spread

If you are going with a theme, then I suggest picking out a specific selection of markers to use for all the spreads. If you want to mix things up, though, then feel free to go wild with choosing from your selection of markers. And you don’t need any fancy markers either! I created the spread above with Crayola Supertips from Target. Use anything you have in your home!

step six: add the stickers and photos

I personally like to add my stickers and photos after I put all the color in. You can always put them in beforehand! I always have an idea of the layout before I pencil in my spreads, though, so I have a rough plan of which stickers/photos are going where. In reality, you can do whatever you want to do with your bullet journal! You don’t even need to add in the stickers and photos if you’re going minimalistic. All up to you!

step seven: add in important dates

The entire point of a bullet journal is to keep track of those important dates and your to-do list. I definitely recommend adding in the month’s important dates into your monthly, weekly, and daily spreads. If I don’t add in the dates immediately, I will forget to add in any of my work hours or appointments at all.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my process for preparing to put in bullet journal spreads for each month. Let me know what you do in the comments below! Do you completely wing it, or do you plan like me?



top six places to find bullet journal inspiration


I decided we’re too far into December for me to actually share my December layout, but I did want to share where I get my inspiration each month for my bujo.


First and foremost, I get the majority of my bujo inspiration from Pinterest. I am constantly adding to this board whenever I have spare time or at the end of each month to prep for the next month of spreads. One of my goals in 2020 is to have a Pinterest-worthy bujo for at least one month.

Sumedha (@thewordyhabitat)

I’m pretty sure this blog has become a Sumedha fan page this blogmas, but I am not ashamed to shout from the rooftops how amazing Sumedha is. Not only does she share about her own bullet journal on her blog (The Wordy Habitat) and Instagram (@thewordyhabitat), BUT she also co-runs a bullet journal Instagram account called @bujobeauties. I always run to this account for inspiration, and I follow their hashtag to have inspiration throughout my feed.

haley (@haleys_journal)

I repeatedly find myself drawn to Haley’s Instagram account. Her designs are simple but full of so much love! I love every theme she chooses for the months, and I hope to one day have a theme for one of my months.


I found @bulletwithe on Instagram during the summer and modeled my weekly spreads after theirs in my current bullet journal. The designs are full of details and always changing which I enjoy! Plus, they often show how to create certain doodles!

Jill (@booknerd_reads)

Jill is truly the person who inspired me to start a bullet journal. I had seen her journal in her posts, and I saw all that it could do. Jill fills her account with pictures of her spreads and which markers she uses to decorate the pages. She is full of fresh pages and the occasional stationery giveaway!

Charlotte (@booksandteacups)

Charlotte is the ultimate gold-mine for everything you could possibly need for bullet journal inspiration. She has not only an Instagram account where she shares her bullet journal spreads AND a YouTube channel BUT ALSO a sticker shop to buy stickers to put in your bullet journal (and anywhere else)!!! She is definitely deserving of those triple exclamation marks. She just started sharing on her YouTube channel again, but just look at this January cover page tutorial:

Her bullet journal posts just bring so much light into my life:

And make sure to check out her shop over on Etsy:

You can also check out any of my bullet journal posts here on the blog under ‘Planning‘. I try to share as often as I can, but I also share on my Instagram.

What are your favorite places to find bujo inspiration? Let me know in the comments!



April 2018 Bullet Journal // Monthly, Weekly, and Trackers

I know I haven’t done a bullet journal post in FOREVER! Life kind of got away from me, so I decided to show you some of my favorite spreads from past months as well as my April spreads.

March Monthly Bujo Spread

My March cover spread is a little rough, but I absolutely love it. I might try to recreate it later in the year once my lettering and drawing skills get better. The warm colors and cozy succulents helped it feel like spring despite the cold weather outside.

march bullet journal weekly spread     bullet journal weekly spread yogi

I love this weekly spread layout because I get to see everything all neat and in its own box, plus I have a to-do list on the side. The spread also leaves room for an inspiring quote or message which I filled in with, “Namaslay. The slay in me recognizes the slay in you.” I wanted to have a positive week and focus more on practicing my yoga journey.

The greatest showman bullet journal weekly spread

Another weekly spread in which I tried something new. I find that experimenting with my weekly spreads every so often helps keep things interesting in my life. The quote is from The Greatest Showman since I went to see that movie this past winter with some friends. I still love listening to the soundtrack.

This weekly spread layout helped me feel less constrained by boxes since I had a busy week. As you can see, my Monday to-do overflowed into my Tuesday space, but the layout allows it to flow well still. I repeated this layout for several weeks in February and March since it was simple to set up on a Sunday night or Monday morning.

march weekly bullet journal spread

After a rough weekend in March (which is an understatement), I wanted to bring back the warm colors and remind myself of something important. My Sunday and Monday are squished together since I didn’t make this spread until Monday night (It was a really rough weekend). The quote says, “The ones that love us never really leave us.” I made this spread the week after my godfather died by suicide. Bullet journals allow for the flexibility to add in these inspiring quotes that are needed at certain times in your life. This spread is a prime example of that.

april weekly bujo 2

After spring break, I decided to simplify the above spread a little bit and simply do my tasks and daily to-dos. Also, I had a cold which is why I drew in a little Kleenex box that says, “Beat this cold.” It definitely helped since I’m feeling better now!

Room Renovations Bujo Savings Tracker

Over spring break I also started preparation for my bedroom makeover. I decided to make a fun doodle spread to help me keep track of how much I need to save (an estimate) for all the items I want.

April monthly cover bullet journal

All of this finally brings us to April! I told you I was behind with my bullet journal updates. I’m really excited for the color scheme of April and this cover page. I messed up with my circles since I got a little crazy and drew straight through my h. It still looks great though! I am trying to color-code my calendar spread on the right to keep my personal, school, and blog events separate.

april goals and savings tracker bullet jouranl

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen that I am attempting a goal tracker again this month! I tried back in December and January, but I always forget to fill in the trackers. Honestly, I already forgot but flipping past the page reminds me of the monthly goals. I continued using the same purple, pink, and blue color scheme as before.

April goals bullet journal tracker

Here’s a closer look at my ‘Goals’ page. I broke down how I was going to achieve each goal, which I have been sticking to pretty well. Below my square tracker I added in a success box. If I reach my goal for a majority of the month, I’m going to call it a success!

Bullet journal savings tracker

Going along with my room renovation spread, I wanted to keep better track of how much I save this month. I wrote my starting amount above (Please help me and donate to my ko-fi to help keep this content coming!) which I probably should blur out, but I’m too lazy. Below the tracker I added a fun sketch and quote to keep me from spending money this month. I definitely over-estimate how much I would possibly be able to save this month, but it’s exciting to think that my account will be there eventually!

Weekly Schedule Bullet Journal Spread

Recently, my schedule has been getting changed around a lot, but I think I finally have a set schedule with work and classes. I decided to create a daily breakdown of my schedule. Going along with my monthly goals, I wrote in time for me to work out and shower. While this is more flexible since I have time after classes are finished before I begin work, I’m trying to stick to this by having it written into my schedule!

April weekly bullet journal

And finally a new weekly spread layout! I like to keep things changing and figuring out what works for me. Class homework has been pretty light recently, so I decided to try out the box layout again. I am loving this layout, but I need a quote to fill in that blank space.

What do you put in blank spaces in your bullet journal? See any spreads you loved? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Also, make sure to check out my Instagram for more updates throughout the month on my bullet journal spreads. Most of my ideas come from Pinterest, so check out my bullet journal board for ideas as well!

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January Bullet Journal Flip-Through (And a Sneak Peek At February!)

I am still using my bullet journal which brings me joy and organization each and every day. There were a few spreads that got a little messy, but I decided to show them to everyone anyways! I always see the perfect, mistake-free spreads on social media and in blog posts. Bullet journaling is a journey, though, and I wanted to show you the progress and exploration of it all! If you haven’t checked out my last bullet journal flip-through, stop on by to see where it all started.

I got brush pens towards the end of January from Barnes and Noble. The pens weren’t expensive at all considering they are double-ended felt and brush tip pens and the variety of colors in the package. My skills are incredibly shaky, however, and I hope to practice more throughout my bullet journal as the year goes on. The only other problem I have is that the colors aren’t incredibly bold and can seem washed out at times.

January cover and monthly overview filled

I filled out my January personal calendar which is a complete mess. Halfway through the month I was struggling to find the dates in the middle which is why I highlighted half the dates. Then that fell to the wayside as I got busier and had to start packing to move back to college.

I split my personal and blogging calendars into two spreads to keep things cleaner. Again, things got a little messy with my check boxes to keep track of ones I had scheduled and published. I enjoyed keeping these calendars separate, though, and I will continue to do so in the future.

bujo ghosting example

Here is a prime example of “ghosting” when I wanted to change things up and use a red Sharpie marker I found in my desk. I will definitely not be using Sharpies in a bullet journal in the near future.

weekly bujo spread close up

I am the smudge queen in this weekly spread. I enjoyed this spread for break, because I separated my work hours and appointments from daily tasks. This weekly spread was concise as well which helped me to keep things from seeming overwhelming on a day-to-day basis.

weekly overview

Here is where I used the dreaded red Sharpie marker. I tried something a little different for my weekly spread by adding in the days of the week on the left hand side of the page.

bujo quote and brain dump spread

These two pages may be my favorite from January’s spreads. I had a lot on my mind and needed a space to write random thoughts and ideas down. Having this brain dump page helped with some processing and kept my anxiety down to a minimum.

bujo quote spread

I saw this idea on Pinterest and instantly knew I had to add this to my blank page. Every time I flip past it, I pause to remind myself that I am indeed my own kind of beautiful.

blog and poetic devices bujo spread overview

I wanted to add in a page for poetic devices to enhance my writing since I edited a lot of my poems on Wattpad this past month. Also, I’ve been wanting to keep my blog post formats consistent without having to open an extra tab to remember what size my images were sized at. My blog checklist spread was my solution. I may have to make separate spreads for different post types.

january spending log and bookstagram challenge

I added in the January bookstagram challenges I wanted to participate in this month to help me when I scheduled all my posts. As you can see by the two colors, I participated in two challenges.

january weekly overview bujo

I decided to try out a third weekly spread format for my first week back in college. The yellow color can be a bit hard to see, but it definitely brightens up my life each time I open my bullet journal. I practiced some brush pen skills, but they are far from perfect.

weekly close up january

I wrote out the days of the week all at once, so I wouldn’t have to worry about not continuing to use my journal throughout the week. Some of the days I don’t have space for all the assignments and tasks I have each day.

class schedule and feb cover overview

I added in a quick class schedule spread to help me visualize times when I could add in social time, homework, or work. I miscalculated the amount of space needed for the visual schedule, though, and added in the rooms and professors below the schedule.

class time bujo spread close up

february bujo calendar

I wanted something simple and cute for my February cover page, which ended with  heart brackets and brush pen lettering.

February bujo blog overview

I got rid of my personal February calendar because I don’t have that many events to keep track of in advance. Instead, I will be keeping track of personal events week-to-week. I have my blogging calendar and ideas spread back again, though!

bujo february spending log

In a last minute addition, I added another spending log because this format seems to be working. I went through two of the one-page spending logs in January, which I hope doesn’t happen in February. I am going to attempt a spending ban in February besides the necessities of groceries and gas.

As I started classes, I got syllabi with schedules of readings and assignments. Thus I created a spread solely for assignments. I was too nervous to write in pen because of how often schedules change with professors and due dates hence the (dreaded) pencil.

Do you have a bullet journal? What would you recommend for practicing brush lettering? How do you use your bullet journal for school? Let me know in the comments!

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My First Bullet Journal Flip-Through!

I started a bullet journal at the beginning of December as you may have seen on my Instagram. Bullet journals have intrigued me for quite some time, and I decided to jump right in with a Leuchtturrm 1917 dotted journal. I debated between a Leuchtturrm and a Moleskine, but the Leuchtturrm had more pages which was the final decision.

bujo front cover

I have been using a regular ballpoint pen as well as my Papermate pen markers and highlighters. Since I am just starting out, I haven’t invested in brush pens or midliners yet. I’m hoping to buy some next year.

bujo monthly overview

I had to set up my bullet journal completely before using it for December. After perusing Pinterest, I decided that this set up for the yearly overview would most likely work best and be the most flexible with dates. It has worked well for me so far with the final weeks of December transitioning over to January. When I scheduled blog posts for January in December, I placed boxes for those posts on the bottom of the page to keep track of the dates.

bujo holidays and bdays

I wanted to be able to keep track of specific holidays and birthdays separately instead of crowding the yearly overview. I took most of my ideas off of Pinterest, and this spread is no exception. My main problem with separating the dates is that I forget about this spread to add the dates to my monthly overview.

bujo tv and movie overview

Of course I had to add a TV show and movie tracker into my bullet journal! I want to watch too many TV shows, though, which is why I added names of shows under the washi tape line.

bujo tv tracker

bujo movie tracker

Most of the movies I want to watch are newer ones either just out of the theater or recently added to Netflix. A few of them are documentaries, too, since I’m trying to diversify what I watch.

bujo budget

I decided to try budgeting this month since I’m in college and have loans. Trying to do this right before Christmas, however, was a bit of a struggle. It didn’t quite work, but I’m going to give it another go this month and see how it works out. Below the graph, I averaged my paychecks to give me an idea of how much each section would add up to each cycle.

bujo spending log

This is a new version of the spending log I am going to try in January. In December, I just hastily made a table that sort of worked. I’m hoping this will make things cleaner, especially since it has the final column of “remains” to let me know totals.

bujo bookshelf

I had to create a “Books to Read” spread for the new year as well. I finished a few of the reads already, and it was so exciting to color in the books! I hope I don’t run out of space, though, as I continue to add books to my TBR. *yikes*

bujo bookshelf closeup

Most of the books filled in are ones for Beat the Backlist next year, which will hopefully remind me to keep on track!

bujo december overview

I created a monthly date spread on the other side of my December cover page as well as a goal page. I didn’t keep to all of my goals because I didn’t look at this spread every day. I tried a different way to track goals for next month (which you will see in a few pictures).

bujo december tracker

Here is another example that trackers may not be my thing for bullet journals. I love the idea of keeping on track with things, and it worked for the most part. But as the month went on, the trackers didn’t apply to every day things I wanted to do. My plank challenge worked until I hit the 1:30 mark and finals began. I might try doing a challenge in the future again, but for now I’m going to focus on using my bullet journal every day instead.

bujo christmas countdown

To get in the Christmas spirit, I created a Christmas countdown next to my finals countdown/schedule. Like my other trackers, I fell behind and forgot to fill in the lights as the days passed. I’m going to go back and fill in the lights just to create a festive vibe now, though.

bujo bible devos

I added in a Bible devotions list to remind me of the ones I saved in my YouVersion Bible app. Like my trackers, though, I tend to lose momentum doing month-long devotions with my changing schedule at home. Hopefully, I can find a way to work this into my schedule better if I do a shorter devotion listed here.

bujo weekly

Here’s a glance at a weekly/daily spread I tried. This worked pretty well for me. Right under the day of the week is the weekly overview for assignments, work hours, appointments, etc. Underneath the weekly overview is my daily tasks and reminders. I really liked how this worked and made it for a spread in my January section as well. I don’t really want to mess with this yet since it worked well. We will see how it works when school is back in session at the end of January.

january overview

Which brings us to my January spread! I really liked how the cover page turned out with a simplistic snowflake. This month I decided to split up my personal and blog calendar since I don’t want it to get all jumbled up. I’m hoping this will help me keep track of things easier for the blog. Also, I added tiny goal boxes at the bottom of each calendar. My personal goals are with my personal calendar, and my blog goals with my blog calendar.

january close up

January blogging bujo

Here’s a sneak peek at some blogging ideas I have for January. I had a blog ideas spread in my December section and decided to carry it over. Some of the ideas I didn’t get to in December might make an appearance in January!

What did you think of my bullet journal flip-through? Any tips for using my bullet journal in January? Do you have a bullet journal? Let me know in the comments!

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