Guest Post: Bullet Journal Spreads You Can’t Live Without

Hey everyone!!

I’m super excited to be collabing with Charley on this bullet journal blog post: we’ve wanted to do this for so long and am just now getting around to it (#thankscorona). As the title may suggest, we are both doing each of our bullet journal spreads that we can’t live without. I’ll share mine here on Charley’s blog, and she’ll share hers on mine, so be sure to come check it out here!

I’ve been bullet journaling for four years now, and have used lots of spreads with differing uses and styles. Some I’ve found are more helpful than others, and so today I’m here to share the bullet journal spreads I can’t live without! Grab yourself a whipped coffee, because I’ve been OBSESSED with them recently (and you can see mine featured in all these photos 😂)

Yearly Goals

To start off, we have my yearly goals list. Every year, I set some goals for the upcoming year, and the best way to keep track of them, I’ve found, is to write them in my bullet journal so that I don’t forget! Every month, when I set up my new monthly spreads, I refer back to these spreads to see how I can be making progress towards them that month.

Grid Spacing Chart

I got the idea for this spread from AmandaRachLee, and ever since then, this spread has been a LIFESAVER. Basically, this spread makes it super easy to figure out how many spaces horizontally and vertically you have. If you don’t already have one, I highly recommend putting one in your bullet journal!

Photo a Day Tracker

I started using this tracker last year, and I enjoyed it so much that I decided to do it again this year! I try to take a photo every day of the year, and it gives me such a cool look back on what I did every day of the year! This spread doesn’t actually reflect the photos taken, but having this tracker in place makes it that much easier to keep track!

Books to Read

I always have a huge list of books I want to read, and this spread makes it a lot easier to keep track of the books I want to read! It’s super simple but super cute, and it makes my life so much easier!

Monthly Habit Charts

These habit charts are almost like daily routines: I have my morning routine, daily routine, and nightly routine all on this chart. Having everything written out makes it so much simpler for me to keep track, and keeps me from forgetting anything!

Weekly To-Do Lists

And of course, the weekly to-do lists, my second brain, which save my life several times this week! I’ve tried out all sorts of weekly spreads, from super fancy and with a ton of functions, to really simple and literally being just a list of things to do. Here are two of my favorite weekly spreads that I’ve done.

Those are all the spreads that are invaluable to me in my day-to-day life. Thanks Charley for letting me post on your blog! And make sure to come over to my blog to see what Charley’s favorite bullet journal spreads are!

Let’s talk. Which spread from this list is your favorite? What do you use your bullet journal for? Have you tried whipped coffee yet?? Leave a comment and let me know!

Hanne is a college student studying biology during the day, and a lifestyle and book blogger at night. She is passionate about getting the word about people’s books out into the world, as well as making time to do the things that you love. To this end, she also bookstagrams, bullet journals, and drinks too much coffee. You can find her everywhere @HanneasinHannah (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) and her blog at

March 2020 Bullet Journal Flip-Through


I did a quick set-up this month with my bullet journal and really just focused on simplicity. The end of February was hectic for me with college and personal life, so I didn’t have as much time to create spreads.

March calendar and cover page

I wanted to create a calendar spread again since I have been loving the format. In order to have the most space available for my days, I needed to make my calendar horizontal. The next page has a few different aspects for it: important dates, prayer requests, reading list, and goals. I wanted to be able to have some space to grow throughout the month as I add in more goals and books to read.

Life and reading goals spread with prayer requests

I created a version of my “What I Devoured” page from the past two months. With this spread in particular, I knew a scrapbook style would work perfectly to incorporate the background image into my March bujo. My background image came from Connor Franta’s ‘Note to Self’ which I found in a thrift shop. I literally ripped out pictures and cut out phrases from the book because I thrifted it. I added a ton of washi tape from a Park Lane 8 Pack Washi Tape Foliage I recently bought when it was on sale.

ANYWAYS… I added a spread for planning out what to spend my tax returns on in order to be more aware of my spending. I have a mental list for ideas, but I benefit immensely from writing my plans down.

My expense log is virtually the same for March as it has been for January and February. I did end up with more of a border since I found filling the entire page with alternating color lines bugged my eyes out. Since March will be the month I get my tax returns and go out to Minnesota for spring break, I know I will need more pages for the log. I will have to problem-solve once I run out of lines and show you in my April bullet journal flip-through.

I kept my weekly spreads pretty tame compared to February’s spreads. I placed a strip of washi tape on the bottom of each page to give extra decoration. For the days of the weeks, I tried different designs around them. In the first one, I just doodled circles in a darker green and wrote the names on the circles. In the second spread, I doodled leaves in circles around the names.

In the third and fourth spread, I literally just wrote the names with a Crayola supertips marker. I decorated each weekly spread with stickers from various stores and pictures from Connor Franta’s book. Each spread also has a calendar overview for March, a to-do section, and a look ahead space. Having a to-do section for the entire week definitely helps me prioritize my tasks.

I added a few more pages to help me focus through Lent and reflect back on how my social media detox helped my faith and life.

If you want bujo inspiration, you can follow my bullet journal board on Pinterest. Since I am on a social media detox for Lent, I will not be sharing pictures on Instagram of this month. You can definitely follow me, though, to see past and future spreads.

Here’s a quick glance at all the materials I used in these spreads:

What do you have in your bullet journal? Do you enjoy more minimalistic or full spreads? Let me know in the comments!