Featuring: The Ultimate Student Planner

I was sent the featured products by ClassTracker in exchange for an honest review.

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My biggest struggle each school year is always finding the perfect planner for my needs. I am super particular about what a planner includes which is why I typically use my bullet journal. College semesters can get too busy to keep up a bullet journal for me with working part-time and going to school full-time. This school year, though, I know I am going to dominate the classroom with the planner I received from ClassTracker.

Tabs are sold separately on ClassTracker.com

ClassTracker is a company run by an academic coach and educational advisor, Lesley Martin, who has worked with students struggling to stay on track with their goals. That’s where the Ultimate Student Planner comes in. The Ultimate Student Planner is designed for helping students keep their goals throughout the school year which can often become overwhelming with all the projects, exams, and assignments to remember to turn in to professors on time. We’ve all been there. One of my favorite things about the Ultimate Student Planner is the first few pages. This planner has pages in the front to write in each semester/trimester schedule and goals before going into monthly and weekly overviews.

The weekly overviews break down the days into “Remember to”, “Quizzes/Exams/Projects/Papers”, “Assignments”, and “Daily Plan”. Each day has plenty of room to write in whatever is necessary in school and life for the semester. Whether you have to remember when a certain study group is meeting or if you have to run to the gym quick before working a shift at your job, this planner has room for it.

In each week’s corner is a countdown for whatever you need to be looking forward to. I will definitely be filling mine in with the end of the semester’s date.

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To purchase one of your own Ultimate Student Planners, check out their website here. ClassTracker has a planner specifically for high school and then for college students as well as a free downloadable planner for teachers. I definitely recommend adding on some accessories, too, like the tabs or the page marker (as I have pictured).

Do you use a planner for school? What is a must-have feature? Let me know in the comments!



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