Reading Habits Tag

I saw this tag over on The Wordy Habitat and decided to join in! The tag explores a few simple questions that reveals some habits about the reader, aka me. 1. Bookmarks or random piece of paper? I never used a random piece of paper because I was a... corner folder. Yes, I know, the horror. … Continue reading Reading Habits Tag


Sunday Thoughts: Questioning Our Faith and the Church

I have listened to podcasts more since I got into college to educate myself about a variety of things. Recently, I started listening to the BadChristian podcast through Spotify with recommendation from my former small group leader and now-friend. I don't know how to describe their podcast well enough in my own words, so here's … Continue reading Sunday Thoughts: Questioning Our Faith and the Church

Blog Hop: December Favorites

I love reading other blogs to get ideas for posts on here and to connect with the blogging community. After taking a poll on Twitter (because where else do you do polls?) I decided to show some monthly support to my community! Beware: I did not get to read a vast amount of blogs … Continue reading Blog Hop: December Favorites